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Electric and Horse Fencing

post & rail with horse sighter wire

We offer a wide range of high quality electric fencing products and accessories specifically designed with the safety of your livestock in mind. Particularly in the case of your valuable horses, a safe, reliable and highly visible fence is an important consideration for their welfare.

An electric fence is a circuit which is powered by an energizer which is also grounded. The pulsed electric current is sent along the fence wire at about one pulse per second. When the horse touches the fence, it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground, causing it to receive a short, sharp but safe shock. The horse remembers this experience so that an electric horse fence acts as a psychological barrier and is therefore safer for the horse and better for the upkeep of the fence.

An active, alert animal is often injured accidentally because of its inherent reaction to run from danger, whether real or imagined. A highly visible, well respected horse fence is designed to minimize these possibilities.

When planning the fence the following should be considered.

  • Power supply—mains, battery or solar
  • Distance of the wire
  • Style of fence
  • The animal to be kept in or out
  • If possible, a map of the area to be fenced
horse electric fencing
Various systems on display
livestock electric fencing
The electric fencing wire above the rail prevents the horses from sucking and chewing the treated timber
electric fencing equipment
Electric Fencing Equipment
horse sighter wire
We stock both solid PVC and wire core horse sighter wire
battery powered energiser
Battery Powered
electric fencing
Electric fencing showing
the white insulation caps
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