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Electric Fencing

Electric Fences - Perimeter Protected, Safety Guaranteed

Our electric fencing will provide you with an affordable and effective method to control animals and enhance security on your property. The electric fences last because no one including animals will want to go near them.

Rural fencing in Perth benefits from superior management of pasture by containing animals and ensuring that they are in the right location at any given time. Electric fencing for sheep, horses, and cattle have been in use for 50 years. Even though they sound dangerous, electric fences do not pose a threat to animals. They are safer than barbed wires that can cause injuries.

Modern energizers are affordable and reliable while utilizing less electricity that the normal house or office bulb. Conversely, we provide different options to power your fences like solar power, battery power, and electricity. Performance is enhanced by placing the power right in the middle of the fence.

Here are the electric fencing solutions that we provide:


We supply Thunderbird electric fencing systems. These feature the full package - mains powered energizers, mains or battery energizers, battery powered energizers, solar powered energizers and electric fencing accessories.  In other words, you get all the devices you need for electric fencing in Perth under one roof according to your needs and requirements. Thunderbird systems allow you to fence a perimeter or straight line of one 130 kilometers with different energizer options and accessories like testers, insulators, underground cables, gateways, switches, and signs as well as wire joining and straining.


The Tru-Test group supplies four electric fencing brands under one roof. These brands feature the full range of energizers as well as accessories to match. These products can be used as temporary or permanent solutions on the field. Conversely, Tru-Test products have proved to be cost efficient and safe and can be used to deter pests in plantations as well as urban areas. They are also superior for the protection of wild animals including the containment of all other animals in addition to pasture management.


Amacron provides pasture management solutions and containment through a complete electric fencing package that features insulators, rope joiners, and connectors, strainer for Electric rope and standoff. These are high quality and durable solutions that are affordable and economical to use. You will not experience down time due to breakdowns and guaranteed peace of mind under the most adverse weather conditions in rural fencing Perth.


With Gallagher, we offer a world renown brand featuring galvanized earth clamp, battery, mains and solar-powered energizers, fence testers, gate handles and kits, insulated cables, insulators and strainers, lightning diverter and switches, offsets, tapes and braids as well as tread in posts.

All our products come with lasting guarantees and require only minimal maintenance. Rest assured, you get the best electric fencing in Perth, and you can contact us 24/7 in case of emergencies.


  • I have pets and children; will the electric fence hurt them? No, the electric fence won’t harm your kids and pets.
    - The pets will undoubtedly yelp if they come into contact with it, and run away, but it won't physically hurt them. The only potential danger posed by an electric fence is, if a small animal becomes entangled in it for several hours and cannot get free, then it could harm them.
    - If a small child touches an electric fence, the "unpleasant shock" an adult feels, can be traumatic to the child. A simple precaution would be to ensure an adult is always present when your child is in the yard, or simply turn the fence off until play-time is over.
    - It is always advisable to have an electric fence warning sign even if your fence cannot be accessed by the general public.
  • Which energiser would suit for electric Rural Fencing in Perth? Choosing an energiser would depend on several factors. The length of the fence is the main consideration and how long it could potentially be in the future would help determine the size of the energiser. Factors to consider when choosing between a mains and a battery powered energiser would include how close your electric fence is to a power point and whether or not you wish to take the power out to the fence with insulated cable. Another consideration would be whether the fence is temporary or a permanent fence and how mobile it needs to be, a perimeter fence would be permanent but one used for strip grazing would have to be very mobile.
  • What are the advantages of electric fencing in Perth? Some of the advantages of having an electric fence include - Easy installation on existing wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence.
    - Provides a physical barrier that delay the intrusion time.
    - Provides an electric high voltage shock to intruders.
    - Acts as a psychological barrier to deter intrusion attempts.
    - Low maintenance costs.
    - Easy of operation.
    - Reduced cost of security personnel.
    - Animals that receive an electric shock and are deterred without activating the alarm. Animals learn very quickly not to come into contact with the fence.
    - Accidental human contact with the fence will provide an electric shock that will alert a person not to tamper or come in contact with the fence.
  • My electric fence isn't powerful in summer. What might be the problem? An earthing fault is the most likely cause for the problem. In drier weather, the electric fence current finds it harder to return to the energiser and complete the circuit than when it's wet. When installing an electric fence it's best to try and position the earth stake in an area that is unlikely to dry out in summer. Sink another earth stake into the ground a couple of metres away from the first and connect via lead-out cable.
  • How does an electric fence work? An electric fence is simply a large open circuit waiting to be closed.
    - The electric fence energizer or charger sends a high voltage pulse of electric energy through the wire, tape or rope at short intervals, usually between one and two seconds.
    - The circuit is closed when an animal, which is standing on the ground, touches the fence.
    - The electric energy in the fence wire flows from the fence, through the animal's body and to the ground causing the animal to be shocked.
    - Environmental, fence and ground conditions influence the level of shock received.

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