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Castors and Wheels

castor fr100

A wide variety from heavy duty steel, flat and grooved, black with PVC rim, steel rim, black, red, grey or white, rubber, nylon or polyurethane, from 38mm to 200mm in wheel size, we offer a wide variety in wheels and castors.

Your selection will be determined by:

  1. The weight bearing capacity of the required wheel or castor
  2. The size required
  3. The surface where it will be used
  4. Whether you want a fixed, swivel or brake castor
  5. The method of attaching. The wheels will require an axle while the castors all have a bolt on or screw on plate
castor srbg100
castor frny125
castor sws 160
SWS 160

FWR 150PUPP309
castor swrb150pu305
wheel w/pvc175
castor swf 160
SWF 160
castor sr 100
SR 100
castor sw100/301
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