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Garden and Household

While we are mainly involved with the serious business of RURAL FENCING, we need to look at some of our products that also suit the HOUSE AND GARDEN.

Good quality Fibre Glass handle garden tools are first on the list. We have a range of tools for different applications.

Tie Wire and Black Weed Mat are useful for the garden. An innovative use for our fibreglass fly screen is to fashion insect exclusion bags to fit over fruit tree branches as seen in the Open Gardens.

Small rolls of wire netting and weld mesh are available to keep little creatures in or out.

Clothes line for the laundry area and a good sized shade sail over the sandpit or the seedlings should just about complete the picture.

clothes line
Clothes Line
rodent mesh
Rodent Mesh
fly wire mesh
Fly Wire Mesh


To suit the handyman our connectors for 25mm square tubing are versatile and the construction can easily be dismantled and stored. The completed structures are suitable for aviaries, small pet cages, shade houses, shelves, screens, compost bins and much more.

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