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Fruit Tree Netting

Rural Fencing & Irrigation Supplies carry a range of anti bird netting (including drape over and canopy netting), fruit fly netting and hail netting.

Anti Bird NettingFruit Fly NettingHail Netting

Canopy Netting

Anti Bird Netting
Drape Over Netting is draped directly over individual trees. It has a 15mm diamond and a material weight of 28gsm. It is UV stabilised.

Canopy Netting is stretched over independent smooth arches of 50mm black PVC irrigation pipe. It has a 16mm diamond and is available in weights of 50gsm and 80gsm. It is UV stabilised.

Each row of trees has an arch at each end and more arches at 6 to 8 meter spacing. The arches must be of sufficient height to allow for growth of the trees.

Each arch consists of two steel fence posts of a length of approximately half the height of the completed arch. The spacing of the posts depends on the height of the arch and the flexibility of the pipe. The pipe is threaded over the posts to cover at least half of their length and then fixed in place with tie wire. The gap between the post and the pipe is covered with tape.

If the width or length of the bird netting is not sufficient, it is stitched or laced together to achieve the appropriate size. The perimeter of the netting is wrapped around pine logs laid on the ground.
See the image below.

Canopy Netting

For single trees the posts can be planted in a square and the arches crossed over each other at the top where they may be tied or bolted together, depending on the height of the arch.

Canopy Netting with Square Frame

Fruit Fly Netting
Our Fruit Fly Netting is knitted with a material weight of 103gsm. It has reinforced edges and is UV stabilised.

Hail Netting
Our Hail Netting is knitted with a material weight of 70gsm. It has a closer knit border top and bottom and is UV stabilised.

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