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Pliers & Bolt Cutters

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Maun Side Cutting Plier - Cyclone (MAUN FENCING PLIERS)

Maun Parallel Action Sidecutter w/PVC Grips for Hard Wire (4960-200) A unique parallel action plier that remains parallel throughout its full range...

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Fencng Pliers (FP10)

Fencing pliers, 250mm.

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Fencing Pliers - Parrot Beak (PBFP)

Parrot beak fencing pliers, 250mm.

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Netting Clip Pliers 19mm (19MM NETTING PLIER)

Netting clip pliers 19mm. Suits 19mm Netting Clips

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Bolt Cutters - Mini (MBC)

Mini bolt cutters, 200mm.

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Simes Wire Cutters 3.0mm (WIRE CUTTERS 3.0MM)

Simes Wire Cutters 3.0mm Cut wires up to 3.0mm thick Overall length 200mm

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