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Fencing and Security Wire

Safe Knot fence & posts
Safe Knot Fencing
It is important that the fencing wire is suited to the purpose of the fence.

When ordering wire it would be wise to consult with our staff to ensure that you make the best choice.

Further information required:

  • The height of the fence
  • The type of fence posts
  • The life span of the fence
  • The distance between the posts
  • The corner and end straining systems
  • Any requirement for gates
  • The need for cement for the end and corner posts

From very small openings in Rodent Mesh to the 100 x 100 mm openings in General Purpose Mesh, we have fencing wire for any purpose.

chain link fencing
Chain Link Fencing


welded mesh fencing
Welded Mesh Fencing


Safe Knot Safe Knot

Max Loc Field Fence

Max Loc Field Fence can be installed with a top rail as shown above.

Max Loc Field Fence is made from 2.5mm high tensile wire, manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards AS2423-2002. Max Loc Field Fence features a smooth knot design with no sharp edges. One piece vertical pickets are tied to the line wires and crimped at the joints. The tightness of the knot crimp enhances the stiffness of the fence as it resists slippage along either picket or line wires. This tough durable construction prevents the fence from buckling if impacted by larger animals, yet also provides extra rigidity and flexibility for installation over undulating land.

Hinge Joint
Hinge Joint
Chain Link
Chain Link
Safe Knot
Safe Knot
soft wire
Soft Wire
barbed wire
Barbed Wire
woven netting
Woven Netting
high tensile wire
High Tensile Wire

Available in various weights and widths with apertures from 13mm to 50mm we have wire netting to suit all applications.


For small projects we offer mini rolls of both wire types. Green PVC coated wire is also available in these small rolls.

Wire Mesh & Woven Netting


Heavier wire is supplied as panels and stock fencing in rolls

Welded Mesh

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