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Fencing Pickets and Posts


pvc fencing

Strong and durable, this fence will add value to any property. No need for painting to maintain appearance.

The fence posts supply the strength and structure as well as the appearance of the completed fence. The type of wire used will determine the distance between the posts. The type of soil and weight of the fence will influence the depth of the insertion in the ground.

For galvanised and black pickets we have a post rammer and a post lifter and to space single strand wires we have fence droppers. Cement is also an essential for corner and end posts.

While steel posts are suitable for strong rural fencing, a more decorative fence would be suitable in some circumstances. In this case we have treated pine post and rail fencing or homestead style fencing as shown below.

PVC post and rail Fencing is strong and durable and this fence will enhance any property. The fence is white and stain resistant so that there is no need for painting to maintain its appearance.

A fence is of limited use without a good gate. We supply standard farm gates as well as those made to order.

Treated Pine Fence Posts
homestead cca pine fence post & rail fence with horse sighter wire cca treated pine poles
Black Steel Posts
black steel posts
Galvanised Posts
galvanised posts
pipe fittings
We carry a full range of pipe fittings and connectors for galvanised steel posts.
galvanised pipe posts & struts
Galvanised Pipe Steel Posts
double handed post hole shovel LH post hole shovel post hole driver post lifter auger bit
Auger Bit
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