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SafeTech Magnetic Pedestrian Gate Latch (SL-25H)

Price: $64.14

SafeTech Magnetic Pedestrian Gate Latch

Safetech Hardware Pedestrian Gate Latches are one of the most popular latches on the market today among both professional contractors and customers. Safetech is a market-leading gate fence hardware manufacturer specialising in high-quality product lines designed to save you time while providing your customers with hardware that performs for life.


  • Reliable latching system
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for all gate designs
  • Perfect for pet gates
  • UV stabilised
  • Made from non rusting materials - polymers, aluminium and stainless steel
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Keyed
  • Limited lifetime warranty


When installing a gate the latch is one of the most important parts because ultimately the latch keeps the gate closed when it’s meant to be closed. A good latch can be the difference between a child or a pet getting out of the gate and on to a busy road or a burglar being discouraged where another latch may have easily allowed them access to your garden. The Safetech Pedestrian Gate Latch has been designed especially with these issues in mind and is key-lockable and as secure as they come. 

Tough Materials & Tough Components

Constructed out of durable materials the SL-25 is one of the most hardwearing pedestrian gate latches on the market and with less individual components compared to competitor’s products it has less that can go wrong. Being made out of a polymer and other non-corrosive materials, rust will never be a problem and being UV-stabilised the colours won’t fade in sunlight. In short, once installed this latch is going to last. The high level of reliability will save you time by reducing return visits while the Safetech limited lifetime warranty means that if something does go wrong it is easily sorted with no hassle. 

Versatile Design for Easy Installation

The Safetech Pedestrian Gate Latch has several key features that make it easy to install and is suitable for mounting on both taller pool gates and normal size gates. It is easily adjustable both horizontally and vertically and additionally can easily be swapped from a right-side to a left-side mounting without using any screws because of its unique back-plate design. Safetech’s highly reliable gate latch is made to the highest quality which will ensure your return visits for adjustments or fixes will be kept to a minimum.

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