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Rain Bird Rotary Nozzle ¾ Circle 45-270° Arc (A84661)

Price: $15.40

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzle

  • ¾ Circle 45-270° Arc
  • Radius 5.2m-7.3m
  • With approximately 60% less flow than conventional spray nozzles, Rotary Nozzles allow more heads per zone, reducing overall system complexity and cost
  • Rubber collar keeps out large debris particles while enabling small ones to exit easily to keep deflector clean and clear of debris
  • Screen mesh size prevents large debris from entering nozzle through spray
  • Large droplets for consistent performance
  • Multiple rotating streams uniformly distribute water throughout the radius range
  • Effective close-in watering
  • Stainless steel radius reduction screw allows reduction to 5.2m to accommodate varying landscape needs

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